The best ways of marketing your beauty and cosmetics brand in 2023


  • Capitalizing on current consumer trends
  • Portray quality and value to win loyal customers
  • Creative distinctive brand design and messaging
  • Creating authority and social proof while building a community
  • Social media advertising
  • Keeping your customers engaged and coming back


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The beauty and cosmetics industry is very competitive and changing constantly. However, this industry is huge and can be very lucrative when being successful in building a strong brand. To get yourself ahead, we made a list of the most important factors to be successful with your beauty and cosmetics business in 2023.

Capitalizing on current consumer trends

Customers becoming more informed is the trend that has reshaped the beauty and cosmetics industry. Being ethical, sustainable and making use of good ingrediënts are becoming critical success factors. Taking the lead in such traits can help you get ahead of the curve. Informing, educating and starting movements is a clever way to show expertise and authority. The marketing buzzwords around these topics are natural, organic and clean. Your brand should live and breathe these topics to comply with this rising demand and addition to be portrayed as a qualitative brand. 

Creative distinctive brand design and messaging

You want to make sure your products are branded and stand out from competitors. Define your brand story, unique features, the colors you use and the tone of voice. When you do this right from the start you can confidently build on your brand design. Furthermore, tailor your unique packaging to your brand and make it differentiative. Lastly, create a content strategy that suits your brand design and messaging. Plan what you want to say about your products and how it should look and sound. Also keep in mind where you want to show your content and what kind of action you desire from your audience. Focus on giving people value so they pay attention and stay engaged. For example, you can give value by informing your audience about the development of your product's ingredients and its benefits.

Portray quality and value to win loyal customers

Quality and value are the most important criteria to purchase a brand and to stay loyal to it. These topics go hand in hand with the informed consumer trend and creating a brand story that revolves around these topics will make customers loyal followers. Positioning should be focused on demonstrating quality through customer reviews and user generated content. Which brings us to the following topic, creating social proof and community.

Creating authority and social proof while building a community

The authority bias is highly influential in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Customers place trust in credible experts and tend to be influenced by authority figures. By collaborating with influencers, other brands and stores you will create confirmation about the quality of your products and legitimacy of your brand.This will also create social proof. You can create extra social proof through customer reviews and user generated content which will create the feeling that your products are frequently chosen by others. People tend to copy what others do to display accepted or correct behavior. In the beauty and cosmetics industry social proof is very strong.

Social media advertising

Social media marketing across instagram, facebook, tiktok, pinterest and twitter is the honey pot for modern beauty brands. Data shows that the number one way people discover their beauty brands is through social media. 37% converted through social media ads, 33% through recommendations/comments on social media and 22% from expert bloggers or updates on social media pages. (source: Global Web index) By testing ad creatives on social media you can find a winning strategy to scale. Want to learn more about social media advertising? Check out our blog advertising as a power tool for business growth.

Keeping your customers engaged and coming back

The strength of the beauty and cosmetics niche is that customers need these products continuously. By keeping them loyal to your brand you can benefit very highly from consistent repeat purchases. You can leverage your social media channels to engage with your followers and keep them up to date about your new offerings. Furthermore, building and utilizing your email list is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your existing audience online. Keeping your customer relationships warm and engaging will raise their lifetime value.


Growing a cosmetics brand takes time and effort but with the right approach it can be done successfully! Start by researching your target market so that you understand who they are and what they want from your product or service. Then develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes both online and offline tactics such as social media campaigns and influencer partnerships. Finally make sure that all of your content is high quality—tutorials showcasing how to use your products or informative blog posts about current trends in the space are always great options! With these steps in place, growing a cosmetics brand should be easy! 

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