7 Reasons why companies use agencies to outsource marketing


  • Agencies bring more expertise
  • Agencies bring in extra resources
  • Agencies are more cost effective
  • Agencies help you to upscale your marketing activities
  • Agencies bring on scarce talent
  • Agencies bring an outside perspective
  • Agencies can be hired for one time projects


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It is frequently more common for companies to outsource their marketing with an agency. Independent of the size, companies tend to look for expertise elsewhere rather than building their marketing team inhouse. As a marketing agency we have gotten to know the most common motives for outsourcing marketing. Some of the reasons you might not be aware of and perhaps could bring a new perspective on how to accurately solve your marketing needs. Therefore we have listed the top 7 reasons why companies outsource their marketing.

1. They don’t have enough in-house expertise

The number one reason companies outsource their marketing is because they are not happy with current marketing efforts and knowledge. They need more expertise and better results. 

2. They don’t have enough in-house resources.

Quite often when businesses take off they quickly run into the challenges of allocating time and resources to marketing activities. Therefore they are failing in nailing their marketing strategy and are wasting budget and leaving opportunities behind.

3. Agencies are more cost-effective than hiring talent

One of the biggest appeals of a marketing agency or freelancer is cost reduction. There is more flexibility, no paid leave or sick days and you get way more skill for your buck. Instead of paying a full wage for an online marketer you can get a whole team for often less money.

4. They need to upscale their marketing activities

At some point businesses reach their maximum potential with their current marketing strategy and efforts and need to scale up their marketing activities in order to keep growing. It is easier to utilize outside help and expertise rather than educating and expanding their current team.

5. It is very hard to find and attract good in-house marketers

Good talent is hard to find and usually they are working for agencies or are agency owners. The greatest marketing minds prefer a variety of jobs and won’t limit themselves to one brand.

6. They need an outside perspective

After you have had the same people work on the business for a while you might develop a blind eye for certain things. You have run out of fresh ideas and are ready for an extra set of independent eyes to get to the next level. Marketing agencies can bring their fresh outlook and creative skillset to elevate the brand.

7. They need marketing for one project

The last reason of the seven is that businesses outsource marketing for a specific one time campaign. They outsource when they need it and don’t want permanent staff for the job.

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