Tips for your eCommerce marketing strategy

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Ecommerce marketing strategy

When we discuss your eCommerce business we probably are aligned in thinking: ‘How can you grow?’. For reaching the growth goals you need to understand the huge topic of online marketing / eCommerce marketing and all its possibilities, and then how to use this knowledge and tailor an effective marketing strategy to your brand that will reap great results of growth. Let’s discover how you can start setting up this effective eCommerce marketing strategy. 

What is eCommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is implementing the right tactics and strategies of promotion to generate online revenue. In this process of online marketing and commerce there are basically 3 stages: 1. driving valuable traffic 2. converting that valuable traffic into customers 3. Retaining these customers post-purchase for the long-term value. Though, in order to exceed in each stage, there are 4 core components that need to be in place in order to reap the rewards.

Setting goals

Before you craft a strategy, you need a (specific) goal to achieve. In the case of an eCommerce marketing strategy for growth, we could agree, or better said it is universally agreed upon, that we focus on the goal of increasing revenue. Though at the same time we have many sub-goals such as increasing traffic, lowering costs or at least increasing ROAS, lowering CPC’s, increasing conversion rate, expanding reach and many many more. 

Creating omnipresence / omnichannel presence

Though before we get into these 4 core components you must know about omnipresence. This is a must in achieving the growth goal of increasing revenue and its many sub-goals. So, a big part of a reward-reaping strategy is creating omnipresence with your brand. In other words, omnichannel presence. Why? Well, research has shown that a customer needs 7-21 interactions with your brand on average before they are convinced to buy your product(s). Therefore creating an omnichannel customer journey for your brand is essential to succeed. 

Core components for the right eCommerce marketing strategy

To implement the right eCommerce marketing strategy or strategies for growth, we found that you need to put in place 4 components. When these components are in place, they must be optimized. We put together our own WACE-framework™ consisting of: Webshop, Advertising, Content (visual) and E-mail marketing (automation & campaigns). This is the formula of growth. Each component, consisting of many parts, should be implemented, monitored and improved to increase performance and reach the growth goals. In our blueprint of growth ‘how to grow your e-commerce business to 6-figures per month’, we are going deeper into each component. We explain each component, its implications of them, actions you can take, and what KPIs are at its core. If this interests you and you want to learn more, read it here.

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