About us

Hey, welcome to our website and nice to meet you. We are Mind for Business an online marketing agency aka a digital growth agency focused on data-driven growth of your business! We focus on the key online marketing facets that will help your business grow. So we always make our decisions based on data. And we make this insightful for you too. 24/7. So, our mission is to Help, grow and improve your online performance and reach your maximum potential. We also do this performance-based. This means that we grow with you when we perform well, and not earn more when we don't. Of course, we also offer different marketing services separately. Feel free to take a look around and if there are any questions please do get in touch!

Reaching your maximum potential

We are here to help you in your journey of online domination whilst improving your brand, boosting your sales, and increasing your return on ad spend. We focus on both short-term opportunities (growth hacking) for your brand as well as the huge potential of the long-term game (growth marketing). What we do is focus on the thing that actually moves the needle, based on the gathered data in combination with our own human insight and creativity. We look at your brand and the entire marketing funnel, find the gaps, and fill them so that you will grow and improve your brand (performance marketing). The good thing is, that we work partially performance-based so that we get rewarded for our efforts and results. If you do well, we do well. This way we are even extra engaged and motivated to grow together.

Gijs, Co-Owner, Media Buyer & Data analyst

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We will improve your brand, boost your sales and generate mindblowing ROIs.


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Convince your ideal target audience on their favorite platforms.


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Utilize people their search intent to boost your sales.


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Working together with Mind for Business

Schedule a free strategy call here in which we discuss your online opportunities, objectives, and goals. In this meeting, we can discover if we are potential a match.

We will have an onboarding meeting and plan the first steps in growing your brand. Based on your intel we will create a custom brand growth strategy.

In terms of values, you can expect transparency, integrity, focus, and strong communication. This should be the foundation of our partnership. In terms of operations, you can expect us to do your growth marketing, webshop development, and visual content creation.

We have monthly recurring meetings in which we discuss the strategy, growth opportunities, and roadmap of your brand. Also, you will have access to a live data dashboard in which you can track the performance at any time.

We make data-based decisions and work in continuous iterations to make sure your revenues increase and your costs will go down. We use certain KPIs to be on top of the results and improve accordingly. Furthermore, we will advise you on the development and innovation of your brand.

Yes, each expertise is separately available. However, for best results, we recommend the growth marketing package. This is also a more interesting value-for-money proposition.

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