Increase of 300% in revenue for Our Icons

Project Summary


Growth Goals

  • Increasing revenue
  • Scaling up worldwide
  • Remaining profitable
  • Improving brand


  • 3x Revenue
  • Q4 6x Revenue
  • ROAS 5+
  • Happy and satisfied co-operation


  • Strategy
  • Social Media ads
  • SEA
  • CRO
  • Emailmarketing & automation
  • Visual Content advice


Our Icons is a wall art brand recreating iconic sports moments. The two founders were able to bootstrap a successful webshop within a year based on their own efforts but at a certain point, they found themselves stuck at a monthly revenue they couldn’t exceed anymore. This is when they approached Mind for Business to see if there was a strategy to scale their business further.

After implementing the new strategy we were able to triple their monthly revenue within three months and during the holidays we even managed to 6x their normal revenue.


Finding the gaps in Our Icons's status quo to increase the revenue of Our Icons while still staying profitable.  How do we make the website more converting so the traffic results in more sales? How do we get more and better traffic so the people we send to the website are relevant to the brand?


By improving the fundamentals of what is currently working for Our Icons the advertising budget will be used more effectively in which case the daily spend can be increased. To start off we analyzed the website and implemented some quick fixes we know from experience to make it more converting. Meanwhile, we scheduled some tests with google optimize to make data-based decisions on the changes on the website. Making the website more converting will get more sales from the same traffic.

Next, we took a critical look at the content being used to approach potential customers online. In order to get more clicks out of the advertising budget, the content should be optimized. This is done by testing new ideas and seeing how the audience responds. Based on the data we can select the type of content we use. Now we are luring more people to a more converting website with the same budget, you see where this is going?

Lastly, we tested different targeting strategies we know work well from experience. At the moment, Our Icons was focusing too much on specific audiences within specific countries which limited Facebook's ability to find relevant customers. We took a more global approach which not only made it possible to find customers that are more relevant but also took their target market to a global scale. 


After implementing the new strategy we were able to triple the monthly revenue within three months and during the holidays we even managed to get 6 times their normal revenue. We managed to get hold of a steady ROAS of 5+.

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