How to grow your business without employees


  • You can outsource your business activiteit with specialized companies.
  • Outsourcing can help you stay flexible and save money
  • You can use automation tools to save time and money
  • Automation tools can make your business more scalable


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I wish you many employees is an old Jewish saying that means something like wishing someone a lot of worries and misery. Attracting, selecting and hiring employees and after that keeping them productive and motivated is usually quite a headache. Wouldn’t it be nice to scale your business without having to hire employees and still being able to minimize your tasks on the business. 

I’ve got good news for you, nowadays it is actually quite easy to do and many of our clients have taken this route to scale their business without hiring. 

There are two tricks to realizing this strategy: outsourcing and automation. If you are able to get these right, there will be very little left for you to do other than managing your business.


Let’s take an ecommerce business as an example, there are many tasks that are easy to outsource with highly specialized businesses. 


The reason we have gotten to know so many businesses and their stories is because they come to us to outsource their marketing activities. Giving your marketing activities out of hand will not only save you the time and effort but also puts it in the hands of specialists dedicated to this subject. All the while it is cheaper and more effective than hiring an expensive marketer. A marketing agency can take care of your marketing strategy, branding, social media, advertising and web development.

If you want to know more about this subject, we have written an article about the 7 reasons companies outsource their marketing activities.


Production might be the most obvious to outsource, but there are still many people who think they have to design and manufacture their products themselves. Specialized manufacturers have a lot of experience and are able to produce more efficiently, effectively and are able to manage large quantities.


As you start making some sales the packages start piling up and quickly become a very time consuming task. Fulfillment centers will take storage, handling and shipment out of your hands in return for some commission on every order. These commissions usually make up for the better pricing agreement they have with the freight companies, especially when selling internationally.

customer service, bookkeeping and more

Tasks that seem less important such as customer service and bookkeeping might add up as you start reaching some scale. Be aware that there is a solution for most pain points you encounter. Always be critical about the time consuming activities you are carrying out and look for ways to outsource it. Some things you might even be able to automate.


Automation software is very useful as your business starts to grow and scale. There are a lot of automation tools available so be critical to choose which software suits your business best. Automation software can be used for things like marketing, accounting, e-mail and other business processes. Automating as much as you can will improve the experience for your customers, save you time and money and make your business more scalable. 

By utilizing the power of automation and outsourcing, you will make your business scalable while staying flexible and lean. This way you will be free of the time demanding tasks and responsibilities and will be able to focus on reaching your goals.

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