Growing the Dutch, handcrafting interior brand, Lolke Jan Pilat

Lolke Jan Pilat is a young entrepreneur who started his business for handcrafted interior from his backyard. Lolke and his team design and build all of the orders on demand and by hand. Lolke Jan Pilat is now a well established brand with a big workplace to handle its orders from allover the Netherlands and even Belgium. A promising brand with a bright future.


Lolke Jan Pilat was already having a webshop and some sales without advertising. However, when we got the opportunity to work with Lolke Jan Pilat, we soon noticed many points for improvement. The goal was to increase online sales, however, the challenge that occurred was an outdated and messy webshop that didn't convert optimally. Furthermore, the way Lolke Jan Pilat was communicating with its potential customers was not even close to up to standard. Next to building a new webshop we also had to strategize how we could utilize, content, e-mailmarketing, conversion rate optimization, and omni-channel advertising on all platforms to turn Lolke Jan Pilat into a high-converting brand selling high-ticket products. 


In order to meet the needs of Lolke Jan, we first had to set expectations. This involved setting goals and forming a strategy accordingly.

After crafting the strategy we realized that the first thing necessary was creating a new webshop. One that communicated the right message and expressed the right customer journey (UX/UI) that would eventually lead to an increase in sales and order value. After doing so, we would still analyze the website and its customer behavior in order to optimize the experience, with the goal of increasing the conversion rate and order value. For this, we use several tools such as Hotjar and Google Optimize.

To validate the webshop, as well as his products, we had to lure in the right traffic and make them convert. This we did by utilizing a tailor-made omnipresence advertising strategy. For this, we use Google ads in combination with Social media ads (Among others; Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest). We used it for cold outreach and retargeting campaigns from several angles to warm up the audience and make them convert as quickly as possible.

Next to that, we knew the power of the right content. Putting down the right words in combination with kickass imagery such as photos and videos, we were aiming to go beyond the competition and create a competitive edge.

To nurture and convince existing and potential audiences, we also set up an email marketing strategy that should satisfy the customers and boost sales. For this we use Klaviyo.



As a result of the above-mentioned, we were able to give Lolke Jan a second 'kickstart' and this is what came out.

A rebranding translated into a new higher converting webshop. This resulted in trustworthiness and a smooth customer journey. By continuously split testing and analyzing customer behavior, we are able to increase the conversion rate and order value over time. We already increased the total conversion rate by 0,6%. It might come across as a small increase, however, this translates into a huge improvement in overall sales.

Secondly, by means of our omnipresent advertising strategy, we were able to increase sales by 250% within 3 months' time. By using the right optimization strategies. analyzing the right KPI's / metrics and understanding the machines we were able to decrease advertising costs and increase revenues giving us room for scaling up. Steady ROAS of 12+ are a fact.

This we did by investing in one of the important pillars: visual content creation. We have created high-level content pieces which you can see on this page. It consists of great photography and videography combined with the right storytelling.

A word from our client


"Mind for Business heeft mij geholpen om meer sales te maken met de door hun gemaakte webshop en marketing. Het is nog steeds een super fijne samenwerking. Ze zijn flexibel, eerlijk, betrouwbaar, meedenkend." 5/5 ★★★★★ Lolke Jan Pilat


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