Stasdock’s Kickstart to Globally Present Market Leader

Stasdock was mainly selling on market places and a few retail stores. They had a website but it barely made any sales. Because Stasdock was very dependend on marketplaces they wanted to diversify and focus more on their own webshop. Since their start with us they have build their webshop into their main revenue source while increasing marketplace sales and reseller partnerships. Here is how we did it.


Stasdock needed a webshop that would correctly display and explain the product and that could easily be optimized for e-commerce conversion. Furtheremore, they needed a solid marketing strategy to reach and convert their audience. To pursuade their audience they needed the right content and copy and a solid marketing funnel to stay top of mind and convert as quick as possible. Stasdock is a quite high ticket one product store and needs a steady return on the first purchase.


Webshop Development

In order to be able to contantly optimize Stasdock's website, we created a new shopify store which where we could constantly make alterations based on the data we received from our Conversion Rate Optimization tools. By constantly optimizing Stasdocks we have increased it's conversion rate bij over 300%


As a premium product, Stasdock needed premium content. We challenged our content creators to make such a static product look like a piece of art.


  • We helped STASDOCK grow to the world's market leader within a year and is still growing.
  • We help STASDOCK improve its brand massively.
  • We help STASDOCK achieve daily ROAS between 5 and 10.
  • STASDOCK was able to extend its brand and create new products.
  • We helped STASDOCK to increase sales by 3000% in the first 3 months and is still growing.
  • We increased the webshop's initial conversion rate by 120%.
  • We helped STASDOCK with a highly converting webshop that is still improving by the day.
  • We provide(d) STASDOCK with valuable data insights.
  • STASDOCK has been profitable at all times.

A word from our client


"We have been working for a while with this company, and we are still very happy with the results, communication, and transparency of this team!!" 5/5 ★★★★★ Jasper Stas

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