What we do at Mind for Business

Growth marketing encompasses a wide variety of online marketing terms and skills. This might be confusing. To create some clearance for you, we keep it simple yet very effective. The goal is to grow your brand and this is done by continuously improving your performance. We will do this following our own created and well-proven WAC™ framework and STANOPIG™ model. This way we work from certain principles so that quality is always maintained. Some of these principles, amongst others that we highly value and work from, are: data-based decision making, being service-orientated, putting transparency first, and maintaining profit-driven-marketing (for you as a client ofcourse).

Why we do

Our mission is to help, grow and improve the performance of e-commerce businesses and reach their maximum potential, by utilizing the power of paid advertising, data analysis and visual content creation.

At Mind for Business we believe in the immense opportunities of online commerce, as long as you focus on the thing that moves you forward. We get rid of the inefficiencies and waste that haunt other agencies continuously. We value transparency, integrity, focus & communication at our core and we expect the same from our clients. We are here to help you in your journey of online domination whilst improving your brand, boost your sales and increase your return on ad-spend

How we do

At Mind for Business we have a certain way of work. Firstly, we don't charge worthless hours. Instead, we charge effective valuable work, meaning a performance-based structure. So if we perform for you, we will perform for ourselves. That's why we work on a fixed fee base + % performance fee per month.

In order to increase performance, we must consider various pillars in the online marketing funnel. Because all of these pillars are so interdependent of- and connected to each other, it makes more sense to work performance-based. It demands various skills and different inputs from different people that need to work closely together. It takes strategic insight and mastery-like focus to reap great results.

For this reason, and thus secondly, we tackle the gaps in your entire online marketing approach (except for organic growth such as SEO.) with paid advertising as the leading force. You can see it in the image. From the start till the sale various important marketing pillars come by that need to be in place and optimized next to analyzing all the data that comes in. To reap the most from your marketing budgets (ad spend), we need to optimize all these pillars so that your costs go down/remain low whilst your sales increase. Based on the collected data and the creative input that a machine doesn't have we will make decisions, up your performanc and enhance growth.

What we do

As mentioned before, we tackle the entire online marketing funnel to increase your sales. Though, to visualize it and make it understandable for you, our expertises can be viewed below. On a note, for Visual content creation and webshop development, we do work on a per-project basis/fee. This is because it is simply too time-consuming and costly to include it in our online marketing growth package, but because it is so important we do want to offer it. This is for the businesses that are willing to invest in these important assets.



We will improve your brand, boost your sales and generate mindblowing ROI's. We will craft the right strategy for your brand and always make decisions based on data with a hint of our human creativity.

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It's key to increase the perceived value of your products as much as possible. With the right content strategy, correct structures, and eye-catching content, your audience will be convinced into buying your product.

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Having a webshop is a critical success factor nowadays. It can and should generate the most revenue for your brand. Let us help you create a high-converting webshop so that your cost decrease and revenues rise.

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Working together with Mind for Business

What can you expect?


Plan in a free Growth Meeting here in which we discuss your online opportunities, objectives and goals. In this meeting we can discover if we are potential a match.

We will have a onboarding meeting and plan the first steps in growing you brand. Based on your intel we will create a custom brand growth strategy.

In terms of values you can expect transparency, integrity, focus and strong communication. This should be the foundation of our partnership. In terms of operations you can expect us to do your growth marketing, webshop development and visual content creation.

We have monthly recurring meetings in which we discuss the strategy, growth opportunities and the roadmap of you brand. Also you will have acces to a live data dashboard in which you can track the performance at any time.

We make data based decicions and work in continious iterations to make sure your revenues increase and your costs will go down. We use certain KPI's to be on top of the results and improve accordingly. Furthermore we will advice you in the development and innovation of your brand.

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