The Mind for Business lean machine.

At Mind for Business, we strive for the best and the best only. Therefore, the people that produce the results, need to make the difference. We are highly focused on attracting and retaining the top performers in the field and are very selective. Most importantly we are striving for a company culture that is driven by ethics, high performance, transparency, strong communication, and fun. This goes for our own employees and for our network of highly skilled individuals which the greatest companies are looking for. You need it, we have it.


We aim for a rather 'small' and focused team that reaps humongous results for our clients and for ourselves. We work closely together so that every important function/expertise/pillar in the world of online marketing is interconnected and well aligned with the other. This way the online marketing strategy is well thought of with the team and then implemented in line with our various expertises; from social media advertising to SEA and from Conversion rate optimization to content creation.

Without further ado, it is great to meet you.

Meet the team


Gijs is our Co-Owner & Data Analist


Dylan is our Co-Owner & Copy Writer


Lex is our Senior Google Ads Specialist.


Justin is our thoughtful and result reaping Marketing Strategist & CRO specialist.


Jaco is our enthusiastic and pro-active Media Buyer & Account Manager


Sacha is our dedicated and hard-working Google Ads Specialist.


Steve is a director, cinematographer, editor, and photographer. His love for capturing sponteous moments comes from filming weddings and events.


Working together with Mind for Business

Plan in a free Growth Meeting here in which we discuss your online opportunities, objectives, and goals. In this meeting, we can discover if we are potential a match.

We will have an onboarding meeting and plan the first steps in growing your brand. Based on your intel we will create a custom brand growth strategy.

In terms of values, you can expect transparency, integrity, focus, and strong communication. This should be the foundation of our partnership. In terms of operations, you can expect us to do your growth marketing, webshop development, and visual content creation.

We have monthly recurring meetings in which we discuss the strategy, growth opportunities, and roadmap of your brand. Also, you will have access to a live data dashboard in which you can track the performance at any time.

We make data-based decisions and work in continuous iterations to make sure your revenues increase and your costs will go down. We use certain KPIs to be on top of the results and improve accordingly. Furthermore, we will advise you on the development and innovation of your brand.


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