The big Gelato hired us to improve their customer performance!

Gelato is a print-on-demand software company that allows people to connect to one platform which enables them to sell their products worldwide. This is possible because printing companies are connected to this platform. Gelato is currently the largest network of printers and logistics options of the world. They produce personalized print products in 33 countries, reaching more than 5 billion people. It was an honor to work with them.


As we grew sales of one of our customers rapidly (+300% in 2 months), Gelato soon started to notice this and asked the client how they did this, they pointed at us and the rest is history. After meeting with Gelato, the challenge soon became clear: Growing the sales of their customers. We had to create a structure and advice that would allow their clients, which had barely to no expertise in online marketing, to grow their businesses themselves. This resulted in daily meetings with many of their customers. A mental and practical challenge combined.


We first created a structure to simplify it as much as possible for the customers. We knew that as with our own clients we had to strategize, but instead of implementing the strategy, we had to trust the customers to implement the feedback. We had 2/3 meetings with each customer so that we could really follow their progress and give them direct feedback.

By giving away all of our golden nuggets, giving valuable tips per brand, and answering all questions that came to their mind we were hoping that results would improve. We had in mind, that if they would really want to make an impact, real expertise is necessary. So, we mentioned the possibility to hire us in helping them grow their sales.


Below you can find a few companies that we delivered work for.


As a result, we noticed that many of the brands that took our feedback seriously increased their sales directly. The exact number we can't give. However, they were happy and satisfied. Though, to be mentioned is that it could be way better if some of the brands hired us. We observed that they were still not able to implement all of our suggestions, and of course, it is more than just following up on orders. It takes expertise, creativity, a hands-on mentality, and constant analyzing capability to really reap the rewards.

The beautiful part is that some of the brands, did realize this, and instead of trying it themselves, they hired us. For these clients, we were able to really grow their sales and increase the brand value just like the other client. We were averaging a 250% increase in revenues achieving constant (profitable) ROAS of 5-6.

A word from our client

"Mind for Business provided marketing consultancy services to our customers. They were professional, helpful, and flexible with schedules. They showed themselves to be curious to learn more about our customer's needs and genuinely interested in helping them to improve their online marketing strategies." 5/5 ★★★★★ Laura Espinel, Manager Customer Success at Gelato

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