Bucqle, From a Kickstarter Project to a global selling brand

Bucqle is the modern replacement for your belt! Founded in 2020 it was kickstarted on the platform Kickstarter, raising a not-so-tiny amount of €223.000. Bucqle is a tiny, hardly visible, and neat solution. The brand stands for premium design, user simplicity, and understated fit comfort while caring about our planet earth. Bye-bye belt, hello Bucqle.


Bucqle started working with us from the start and still is. Along the way, several challenges occurred. 1. Before there even was a physical product, we somehow had to get people to the Kickstarter platform and convince them to back the project. 2. After a successful Kickstarter we had to transfer the pre-sale to the webshop and continue selling 3. Corona came and this resulted in a supply chain error and delay in production and collaboration. 4. A blocked Facebook business manager, production timeline available and we had to boost the pre-orders for cashflow 5. Another delay, but after 2 years, the products were finally produced and ready to be sold, though, with a cut in the profits and many impatient customers, a big final challenge arose.


1. We did this via an effective marketing campaign of collecting valuable e-mail addresses that would be e-mailed once the Kickstarter would go live. The idea was to help boost Kickstarter sales and win in the algorithm so that it would work to our advantage. We built a lead generation funnel and integrated it with the used e-mail software.

2. To be able to continue the pre-sale, a simple yet strong webshop needed to be in place as Bucqle for now is a 'one-product-brand'. So it needed a 'one-product store'. Together with the owners we developed and improved the webshop on Shopify to continue the pre-sale. Next to that, we set up a go-to-market strategy as it was/is an unknown product though a huge solution for many. We had to increase brand awareness and sales via social media advertising.

3. Unfortunately Corona came and forced us to be patient. Shipping and production prices rose, resulting in no more profit for the collected money. As this event occurred, we, unfortunately, had to put our collaboration on a hold. The owners tried to continue selling on their own with the help of a different party, which soon enough messed up their advertising account. We had to continue selling yet informing the buyers that it would take longer than expected.

4. After the block on their Business manager of Facebook, the owners were lost. They didn't know what to do. Bucqle came back to us with the question if we could solve the issues of the advertising account. We happily said yes and within a week we fixed the account with a great solution (It is uncommon and very difficult to revive a business manager). It was back on track, and ready to make more pre-sales with the estimated time of delivery on the horizon.

5. Another delay in the supply chain as China was very locked up during Covid. We had to call in another break and inform the customers carefully. Though, finally, after 2 years of patience, the products were finally released. And it gets even better. The owners were so enthusiastic that they asked us if we wanted to invest in Bucqle and become an official partner. We happily said yes, and are now together with the Bucqle team, boosting the sales and making it a huge success.


We assisted Bucqle in its Kickstarter strategy.

We collected many valuable e-mail addresses that would help Bucqle in finding Backers for the Kickstarter project.

We helped and still help in developing and optimizing the webshop.

We set up the online marketing strategy for Bucqle.

We created omnipresence.

We ran and still are running highly converting Social-media ads.

We managed to unblock the business manager and revive the quality score.

We set up a strong e-mail marketing funnel (automation and campaigns)

We achieved 5+ ROAS continuously

We maintained presale revenues when hard times occurred.

A word from our client


"We wanted to kickstart our brand and then continue the growth of our online webshop. We really enjoy the great communication and transparency. Also, there is a great work ethic at Mind for business, they work hard and secure. Lastly, they are really knowledgable. Not only in marketing but as well in business." 5/5 ★★★★★ Daan & Jasper

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